Light Barrier Second Edition
Concave mirrors, Projection, Scanning

Kimchi and Chips' new work commissioned by STRP Festival continues the work of the original 「Light Barrier, 2014」 into a new story with new physical techniques.

483 Lines
Projection, Nylon string

Kimchi and Chips' previous work Line Segments Space fills the gallery with a web of dynamic imagery. At the end of last year, the Jeju Museum of Art commissioned a new version of 「Line Segments Space, 2013」 for the exhibition From Moment To Moment. The museum designed by Korean architect Mijung Kim is a panorama of reflective floors and square concrete apertures, and these architectural characteristics demanded a reconsidering of the work and the principals by which it is arranged, leading the artists into a different path and ultimately creating a new work, 483 lines.

Light Barrier
Convex mirrors, Projection, Scanning

Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work Light Barrier, 2014.

Lunar Surface
Long exposure photography, Projection, Live scanning

A vertical flag of fabric is stroked by the wind, displaced by curves of air pressure, swinging back and forth.

Line Segments Space
Digital Emulsion, Nylon string
Seoul 2013

An architectural web of threads spans a gallery space. Dynamic imaginary forms are articulated into physical volume by the material of this thread, and the semi-material of the light.

Digital Emulsion, Acrylic blocks, Steel
Busan 2012 (Permanent)

An emulsion of digital light within physical space. Creating a habitat for digital forms to exist in our world.

Lit Tree
Natural tree, Digital Emulsion

A conversation between a tree and people using 3D light patterns using the tree's leaves as voxels.

Cardboard boxes, Projection Mapping

A playful space to keep and share stories.

A Journey, Dublin
Acrylic, White ink, Projection

A canvas where participants create paintings of light and ink.

A Journey, Seoul
Paper, Acrylic, Electronics, Projection

Interactive memory box where you can build up your own memories using slides, which a projector responds to with light and animation.

A Journey, London
Paper, Wood, Electronics

Interactive installation featuring papercraft and electronic lights to narrate a story of experiences from London

Projection, Silicone fibres

Volumetric installation that uses projectors, materials and mathematical techniques to create digital 3D objects and motion graphics with real world depth and form.

Nica, Carry Your Dreams
Hand bags, Light sensors, Projection

Handbag design and interactive installation to launch a new season of accessories for the fashion brand Nica at the Pure London '09 exhibition

Everyday objects
Paper, Projection

Early experiments with light and paper.