Central St Martins Graphic Design show 2009

by Bernardo Dominguez

This project illustrates a short story by David Eagleman, from his book ‘Sum’. In it he suggests that in the afterlife we would relive our lives but all activities would be done at once; eg, a two-hundred day shower, and so on. The cut-out squares in the pages represent the amount of time dedicated to each activity by area (where 1 minute is equal to 0.05mm2), so that when seen together one could get a sense of proportion of time spent. The squares are ‘empty’ in order to represent the intangible nature of time.

Mariokart Neo
by Gemmy LiThomas Yau
We found Chinese children/teenagers indulge in gaming console, such as Nintedo DS. We wanted to send a message to the them that outdoor activities are fun as well. Therefore, we decided to bring Mariokart into real life and they can experience it.

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Tick Tock
by Louise Moe-Dean
This project is based on the concept of time. I used different exposure times on a SLR camera to represent how much time I spend on something compared to something else. I made the words by piercing holes in sheets of card then shinning bright light through them- no photoshop was used! The longer I spend on something, the longer i exposed the word for and the brighter it is. I photographed 7 pairs of words (for 7 days of the week) and presented them in a large book.

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