The Year of Living Curiously

I am happy to let you know that Karen Ward, who is a visiting faculty of CIID, founder of Curiosity Inc, just launched a blog recently. It’s called The Year of Living Curiously. She said it’s literally a curiosity daily where she asks, explores and muses on a different question each day.

Curiosity의 대표이자, 아이디어 및 컨셉 디자이너이자,  CIID의 외부강사인 Karen Ward가 호기심 가득한 블로그를 오픈했다는 이메일을 받았다. 블로그의 타이틀은 The Year of Living Curiously. 그녀가 던지는 일상의 질문들로 채워지는 일기장 같은 블로그.

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