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Padé approximant projection mapping

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

This is a quick and scruffy video demonstrating a new method for calibrating projection mapping that I’ve been workin gon

Basic overview:

  1. Mesh of scene inside VVVV and on iPad app
  2. Create correspondences between points in world space (XYZ) and points in projector space (XY)
  3. Use the iPad to select the world space points, and to control a cursor to input the projector space points

We’re going to put together a clearer video about this as soon as we can (involving Mimi’s communication skills!). So hold tight if you can’t quite figure out from this phone camera clip. Also we’ll be going into more detail about all this at our workshop at Node 10 festival, presented by myself and Chris Plant in mid November. Code and documentation will also be made available around that time. I’m not entirely certain how to release the iPad/iPhone app yet.

The end aim of all this is that you can very accurately calibrate a projector for projection mapping within 5 or 10 minutes.

This method can also be extended for use with structured light with light sensors (either embedded or external). More on that shortly!


Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Aile forwarded this to let me help spreading Durrell’s lovely new product over the world. :)
Durrell (Visiting faculty of CIID, Founder of Luckybite) and Tom have a new product which mixes the iPhone with physical things! (which is also same idea of mine currently!)
It’s a physical BirdBox that turns your iPhone into a nesting box cuckoo alarm clock. The app is free and has just gone live on the app store at and you can buy your box at

Aile에게서 포워딩 받은 새로운 뉴스. :)
우리의 외부 교수이자 럭키바이트의 대표, 디자이너이신 Durrell Bishop이 아이폰과 피지컬 오브젝트가 상호작용하는 신제품을 내놓았다는 뉴스이다.
Tangible User Interface과목에서 독특한 크리틱으로 우리를 조마조마하게 했던 분.. :)
무엇보다도 현재 내가 가지고 있는 아이디어, 아이폰+피지컬 오브젝트, 에 딱 들어맞는 제품이라 더 관심이 간다.