KIMCHI and CHIPS studio is a Seoul based art studio founded in 2009 by Mimi Son (KR) and Elliot Woods (EN). Their practice begins at the recognition that the arts, sciences and philosophy are not distant disciplines which must be bridged, but act as alternative maps onto the same territory, and that employing these maps in tandem allows the territory to be navigated more readily.

Their installation series ‘Drawing in the Air’ was a study of mass and space-time. It brought together the relativistic mechanics of Einstein, the duration oriented philosophy of Buddhism and the divide between reality and images which has escalated to a dilemma within contemporary western politics. This series culminated in the public artwork Halo at Somerset House which brought the sun down to earth in a heady alchemy of technology and nature. 99 robotic mirrors reflected sunlight into a cloud of water during the height of summer to create drawings out of sunlight under the chaotic control of the weather and Copernican dynamics.

Their research-based approach has caused them to give the ‘first word’ on a number of artistic formats both conceptually and in execution - specifically within the fields of volumetric images in fog and 3D projection onto non-designed forms. Consequently, they became the first Korean artists to win the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica signifying their importance within the field of media art. By releasing their techniques online as over 100 open source code libraries, countless other practitioners have adopted the studio’s understanding and incorporated it into their own work.

김치앤칩스는 물질과 비물질을 빚어 작품을 직조한다.

재료, 기술, 빛, 시공간 등을 주요 소재로 혼합하고, 그 경계에서 발생하는 다양한 현상을 예술적 주제로 삼는다.

그들에게 있어 기술은 예술적 개념만큼 중요한 시작점이다. 반복되는 일상의 작업과정은 타고난 예술적 자질만큼 중요한 동력이라 믿는다. 자연, 철학, 수학, 과학, 음악, 예술이 한 지점에서 출발하여 서로 다른 여정을 치른 후 결국엔 다시 한 지점에서 조우한다는 것을 작업의 과정과 완성에서 천천히 배우고 있다. 김치앤칩스의 스튜디오는 경기도 파주에 있다.


Mimi Son (KR) was born in Seoul where currently she lives and works.

An obsession with geometry and Buddhist philosophy inspires her to articulate space and time from various perspectives. This continuous experiment has allowed her to create installation that aims to depict an intersection of art and technology, material and immaterial, real and virtual, presence and absence. Over the past decade she has worked as a designer, professor, storyteller, curator, and artistic director in various countries and institutions.

Elliot Woods (UK) is a digital media artist from Manchester UK.

He graduated with a Masters from the School of Physics and Astronomy and entered the arts following the founding of studio Kimchi and Chips in 2009 where he currently tests alternative relationships between images and reality. Here he participates in conceptual and technical design of projects, and develops techniques in computer vision, machine learning and robotics. His works reveal the implicit nature of systems therein suggesting to audiences revelatory experiences about nature and reality. He has created large scale light field art installations which draw floating images of the sun out of sunlight, or moons from 600 calibrated projector beams. Elliot has contributed to the openFrameworks and VVVV creative coding platforms and has released over 100 open source libraries for free on GitHub.


Soyoung Lee (KR) observes a relation between artwork and people. This curiosity led her to art production and she has worked with Kimchi and Chips as a studio producer.

Yoona Yang (KR) is designer of Kimchi and Chips.

She has worked as Kimchi and Chips’ production team for Light Barrier Third Edition, now is working as a studio designer for graphic and visual materials and details in the making process of Kimchi and Chips’ works.


Media Architecture Biennale, Nominee of Spatial Media Art

Prix Ars Electronica, Award of Distinction

Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention
DARC Awards, Winner of Light Art Category

Media Architecture Biennale, Winner of Spatial Media Art
18th Japan Media Art Festival, Jury Selection

Imagine Science Films Festival, Official Selection

Selected Exhibitions

483 Lines Second Edition - Guangtang Art Museum, Beijing CN
Light Barrier Second Edition - Times Art Museum, Beijing CN
Halo - Somerset House Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court, London UK
Acoustic Vessel Odyssey - SxSW Sony Pavilion, Austin US

Halo - Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju KR
Light Barrier Second Edition - Ars Electronica, Linz AT
Line Segments Space - QUAD Gallery, Derby UK

Light Barrier Third Edition - Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju KR

Lunar Surface The Incinerator - Bucheon Art Bunker B39, Bucheon KR
Light Barrier Second Edition - STRP Biennale, Eindhoven NL
483 Lines Second Edition - ACT Festival, Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju KR

Line Segments Space and Link - Site Whanki Wave, Whanki Museum, Seoul KR
Light Barrier - SIGNAL Festival, Praha CZ
Line Segments Space (Molecular Cloud) - Scopitone Festival, Nantes FR
Light Barrier - New Media Night, Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, Kaluga RU
Lunar Surface - Artspace Geumcheon, Seoul KR
Line Segments Space - Install Workshop, Resonate, Belgrade RS
483 Lines - Jeju museum of Art, Jeju KR

Lit Tree - Open Creativity Open World, Seoul KR
Line Segments Space - Da Vinci Idea, Artspace Geumcheon, Seoul KR
Lit Tree - Lux Light Festival, Wellington NZ

Assembly - Water Museum, Busan KR
A Journey - Hack the City, Science Gallery, Dublin IE

Lit Tree - SIGGRAPH Asia, HK
Link - TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede NL
Lit Tree - The Creators Project, Seoul KR
Link - File Festival, São Paulo BR
Link - Athens Video Art Festival, Athens GR
Lit Tree - Future Everything, Manchester UK

Link - Design Korea, Seoul KR

Workshops / Lectures

Talk - Urban Media Art Academy Symposium, SG

Talk - Korean International Art Fair, Seoul KR
Keynote talk - Retune Festival, Berlin DE
Keynote talk - IALD Annual Forum, Shanghai CN
Keynote talk - Emergent Visions, SG
Keynote talk - Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen DK

Talk - Campus D, Seoul KR

Talk - MMCA, Seoul KR
Talk - RAT school of ART, Seoul KR
Talk - Da Vinci Idea Market, Hyundai Card Understage, Seoul KR
Workshop, talk - Resonate Festival, Belgrade RS
Workshop - Opendot, Milan IT

Artist talk - ACT Festival, Asian Culture Centre, Gwangju KR
Artist talk - DDP Design Talk, DDP, Seoul KR
Workshop - Seoul Art Space Geumchoeom, Seoul KR
Keynote talk - Semi Permanent, Wellington NZ
Workshop, keynote talk - Coded Matter(s), Amsterdam NL
Workshop - STRP Festival, Eindhoven NL
Keynote talk - Resonate Festival, Belgrade RS
Keynote talk - Museums and the Web, Chicago US
Artist talk - Ilmin Museum, Seoul KR

Artist talk - EyeO Festival, Minneapolis US
Artist talk - Resonate Festival, Belgrade RS
Festival director - Distortion Field Conference, Seoul KR
Festival director - Da Vinci Creative Festival, Seoul KR

Workshop - MadLab, Manchester UK
Talk - Push Conference, Munich DE
Workshop - Stereolux, Nantes FR
Talk - INST-INT, Minneapolis US
Workshop - Circle of Light Festival, Moscow RU
Workshop - Seoul Art Space Gumcheon, Seoul KR
Keynote talk - Lux Symposium, Wellington NZ
Talk - Korea Design Center, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Seoul KR
Workshop - Tokyo University, Tokyo JP
Talk - Media Art Conference, Ewha Womans University, Seoul KR
TEDx talk - University of Manchester, Manchester UK
Talk - NODE 13, Frankfurt DE
Workshop - Culture Shift Zimbabwe ZW
Workshop - Figment Productions, Guildford UK
Talk - Lux Light Festival, Oslo NO

Talk - Korea Design Center, Seoul KR
Talk - MadLab, Manchester UK
Talk - Rhizomatiks, Tokyo JP
Talk - Social Media Cafe, Manchester UK
Talk - Art&&Code, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh US

Workshop - Art&&Code, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh US
Talk - Samsung Art and Design Institute, Seoul KR
Workshop - Seoul National University, Seoul KR

Talk - NODE 10, Frankfurt DE