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on our way to somewhere

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Here are some main categories that Seoulist seem to enjoy on the tube,
either sleeping or reading or watching TV through DMB (Digital Multimedia
or nothing to do.

I found many people who enjoy DMB on the tube or bus are usually watching
soft-drama or TV shows which is kind of killing time and not serious.
It’s like a reading TheLondonNews or Lite London in London.

Ok.. let’s look at Mr. Someone’s everyday journey on the tube.
He goes somewhere by Tube, and somehow feels having an extra time to do
something else on the tube, even if it’s short. He presumes “doing nothing” is
the most “wasting time” so decides to watch TV show by mobile phone or read
rubbish newspaper but doesn’t notice that he is “killing time” because he believes
that he is actually doing something else. Fortunately he realises that he’s killed
his time with worthless stories. But no matter what he realises, it is nevertheless
happening again sometime soon.

Why he is enjoying sort of guilty pleasure such as reading other’s pathetic

Is he going to miss them even if he encounters an impossible situation
that he no longer watch or read them in his life?

Why it’s kind of difficult to be free from rubbish information through
various channel of media?

Can we get out of kind of pushing information that social inject ?

What is a discrepancy between “doing nothing” and “doing something”?