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Talks at Samsung Art and Design Institute

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

This week, we also gave a talk to Samsung discussing Interaction Design and Design Process, which took a place in SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute). Our lecture was a part of a program aimed at inspiring people who don’t have design background through design process and various technologies.


VVVV * Mapping workshop at University of Seoul

Friday, August 26th, 2011

All this week we’ve been with a VVVV hungry bunch at University of Seoul(서울시립대학교). Minha Yang‘s talented art/design students came up with a range of challenging and intriguing ideas, and then patched them up in our favourite multipurpose toolkit VVVV.

After 4 days, the students were tracking motion, visualising sound, mapping onto 3D objects/architecture, creating multi-layered content, capturing video, and making complete interactive installations.

We were very much impressed with every student, and they all worked hard to absorb a range of patching concepts and styles. Awesome bunch. Watch out for them!


Kinect + Projector experiments

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Using Padé projection mapping to calibrate Kinect’s 3D world with a projector.

  1. Using the kinect camera, we can scan a 3D scene in realtime.
  2. Using a video projector, we can project onto a 3D scene in realtime.

Combining these, we re-project images onto geometry to create a new technique for augmented reality

Previous videos (for process)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The pipeline is:

  1. Capture Depth at CameraXY (OpenNI)
  2. Convert to image of WorldXYZ
  3. Pade transformation to create WorldXYZ map in ProjectorXY
  4. Calculate NormalXYZ  map in ProjectorXY
  5. Guassian Blur X of NormalXYZ in ProjectorXY
  6. Guassian Blur Y of NormalXYZ in ProjectorXY
  7. Light calculations on NormalXYZ, WorldXYZ maps in ProjectorXY

Workshop in Node2010 – Projecting on the Things

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

2010년 11월 독일 프랑크 프르트에서 있을 NODE 10 미디어아트 페스트벌에서 Elliot Woods 는  “Projecting on the Things”라는 타이틀로 4일동안 Chris Plant와 워크샵을 진행한다.  사물과 소통하는 미디어 아트에 대한 논의, 프로젝터를 이용하여 또다른 비쥬얼을 만들어낼 테크널러지에 대한 실험, VVVV를 통한 새로운 맵핑의 경험 등으로 워크샵은 4일동안 진행될 예정이다. (2010. 11. 16~19)

Projecting on the Things

‘Projecting On The Things’ is a workshop served up by Chris Plant (catweasel) and Elliot Woods (sugokuGENKI) covering techniques and topics on the art of projection mapping. We are inviting people to use projectors to redefine the aesthetic meaning of a set of objects, including a feature piece sculpted by Softlab NY. Individual teams will develop works (large and small) through the process, and these will be exhibited at the end of the Node festival.

The workshop will cover the bread and butter methodology of projection mapping (2D and 3D), plus more exotic and cutting edge techniques. We’ll also be discussing general technical and design issues surrounding the art-form, and ideas where it may be moving to in the future.

The concepts and techniques will be taught using VVVV and can be transferred to other platforms, however for the purpose of the workshop we require the participants to have a well developed (or natural) talent for VVVV.

Journey London and Journey Seoul at Bains Numeriques

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We were invited by Art Centre Nabi to exhibit at Bains Numeriques 20mins north of Paris in a small town called Enghien Les Bains. First of all, we have to give a huge thanks to some great people we met there (sorry to bore you!). Firstly, Hyein Ryu who arranged all our hospitality for us, she was fantastic. Emmanuel Cuisinier for mastering the dancefloor and keeping us in the loop. Christian the tech guy, for accomodating us without compromise. The ladies from Art Centre Nabi who were great to spend time with. Jeremy the king. And finally the chef at the restaurant (lunch and dinner never disappointed). Generally all the Centre Des Arts staff were great and we didn’t want to leave.

We exhibited two works in Paris, A Journey: London, and our new piece, A Journey: Seoul.

A Journey: Seoul explores how people can interact with the memory box, to build up their own memory. People can select slides to build up a scene, and we paint animations onto the slides using a projector from above. We got a great response from the project, and kids seemed to especially fall in love with this one.

Our venue was the church, which although not intentional, turned out to be a very good fit for the work. We got a very still environment with low natural lighting, and very ornate space. This particularly fitted with the aesthetics of A Journey: London which looks at using materials from the past to create new media experiences.

There were some great installation pieces there, our favorite of which was Lights Contact by Scenocosme. We found it very playful, immediate and surprising. There is a metal contact on a stand, you touch that (nothing happens). Then if somebody touches you, the installation reacts with light and sound that is unique depending on the people who are touching. It reacts with fidelity and ‘notices’ the contact between you and the other person with a way that appears very magical.

[Gregory Lassere of Scenocosme demonstrating the installation, and Emmanuel Cuisinier in the background]

We saw a performance by Cie Adrien Mie which blew most of the significant  nerves in our brain. We strongly recommend that you don’t watch the video below, and instead find a way to go and watch this performance. Absolutely incredible. Beautifully poetic and sensitive whilst pulling off some breathtaking live visual effects.

In summary: beautiful personalities, pretty town (but no internet), great food, good art and fantastic views from the hotel…


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Our main project for April and May was developing an installation for our friend David at Oxy-Gen Combustion. He wanted something that could act as a visual aid whilst attracting people to his exhibition stall.

We had to fit everything into an economy class suitcase. Fabrication and programming happened in Korea, fine tuning in England, then we squeezed the whole thing into our luggage for Rio De Janeiro to install at the exhibition.  Our flight arrived 2 days late into Rio, but thankfully David (the client) is an engineer and very handy.

We made some new projection routines for this system which we’ll be making open source soon (they’re as buggy as beehive right now). The system lets you calibrate the 6 slides in about 20minutes, with roughly +/-2px  accuracy. Calibration is controlled with the iPhone over the network using Memo‘s MSARemote which sends out TUIO (a standard protocol for multitouch). This means that the touch coordinates are sent over the network to the computer using a variation of OSC, and the ‘interface’ is running on the computer.

You can see me hooking up all the slides in this video..

It was Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum exhibition. Apparently ‘Bibendum’ is the white tire fella who is specifically NOT called the Michelin Man. The technology on show was very progressive, and Michelin were great hosts, keeping me happily fed all week. We even got time to squeeze in a bit of the local beauty before we left..

Journey London at FutureEverything

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

In May we  had another chance to exhibit A Journey: London, at FutureEverything festival. The festival’s been running in Manchester for about 15 years as FutureSonic, and apart from the pomp, the festival is regularly strengthening its content and international reputation. We made friends with a few great people there:

Elly Bowness was a lovely personality to have around. She works at Digit London and brought their project Poly, which is a physical bar graph hanging in the gallery space. It grows and shrinks in response to a live questionnaire which people can participate in on the web or in the gallery.

Daniel Massey was there who co-developed Bicycle Built for Two Thousand.  It’s an ambitious recomposition of a computer singing Daisy Bell, using the voices of humans. The humans were automated through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk programme. Daniel’s one smart bastard*.

*(that’s a compliment, as opposed to ‘smart arse’, which isn’t).

Also, we met Evan Roth and his wife Michelle who are both fantastic. Evan was there to scoop the inaugural FutureEverything prize on behalf of the otherwise multi-award winning Eye Writer. The Eye Writer was a deserving winner which is going to be instrumental in improving people’s lives for a long time to come through its open source eye-tracking system, and new projects which will follow on from it.

3 weeks in Seoul

Monday, March 8th, 2010

I got back last week from 3 weeks of work in Seoul with Mimi. We were invited by IP Lab to give a set of workshops about Physical Computing, and we also thew in a bit of VVVV. We also had the opportunity to spend some time on a new project of our own. Check out the videos:

A Journey

Physical Computing workshop


Here and There

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Our project, Here and There was reported in one of biggest Trends and Innovation blogs which is called PSFK. Check it out. :)

Here and There 가 많은 사람들의 관심을 받는 블로그, PSFK에 기재되었다.