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Workshop in Node2010 – Projecting on the Things

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

2010년 11월 독일 프랑크 프르트에서 있을 NODE 10 미디어아트 페스트벌에서 Elliot Woods 는  “Projecting on the Things”라는 타이틀로 4일동안 Chris Plant와 워크샵을 진행한다.  사물과 소통하는 미디어 아트에 대한 논의, 프로젝터를 이용하여 또다른 비쥬얼을 만들어낼 테크널러지에 대한 실험, VVVV를 통한 새로운 맵핑의 경험 등으로 워크샵은 4일동안 진행될 예정이다. (2010. 11. 16~19)

Projecting on the Things

‘Projecting On The Things’ is a workshop served up by Chris Plant (catweasel) and Elliot Woods (sugokuGENKI) covering techniques and topics on the art of projection mapping. We are inviting people to use projectors to redefine the aesthetic meaning of a set of objects, including a feature piece sculpted by Softlab NY. Individual teams will develop works (large and small) through the process, and these will be exhibited at the end of the Node festival.

The workshop will cover the bread and butter methodology of projection mapping (2D and 3D), plus more exotic and cutting edge techniques. We’ll also be discussing general technical and design issues surrounding the art-form, and ideas where it may be moving to in the future.

The concepts and techniques will be taught using VVVV and can be transferred to other platforms, however for the purpose of the workshop we require the participants to have a well developed (or natural) talent for VVVV.