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VVVV + MapTools / projection mapping workshop at MadLab Manchester

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Come with us, and learn how to project onto buildings, branches and bullets.

We’ll be presenting and distributing some pre-release bits of MapTools, our open source projection mapping toolkit. Our aim is to revolutionise (rather than simply facilitate) projection mapping as a technique. The full toolset is open source and contains features that are not publicly available today:

  • MapTools-Remote: Remote control mapping for accurate and speedy mapping. Quicker and more accurate by a factor of 10x.
  • MapTools-Pade: True 3D geometry mapping (still distorting 2D shapes onto things? you’re missing out!). We present our own Padé system which produces the quickest and most accurate 3D projection calibration out of all tools available.
  • MapTools-SL : Advanced structured light techniques which we’ve been working on and had published for the last 2 years supporting true 3D scanning working with a range of cameras and operating systems.
The main part of the workshop will be covering VVVV essentials, and then move onto using MapTools on that platform.
Some details on MapTools are available on Create Digital Motion.
For more workshop details, check here

Super simple text input class for openFrameworks

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Last night I put together a simple example of text input for openFrameworks. It supports some basic features, but is missing things like mouse selection, clipboard.

It supports multiline or single line. (if there is no event listening to evtEnter, then it will act like a multiLine box. If there is an event listening to evtEnter, it will act as single line. evtEnter is there to trigger some action after the user completes input, e.g. saving with a filename).

Feel free to either use the simple ‘in app’ approach on the VerySimple branch, or the ‘in a separate class’ approach (akin to an ofx) in the master branch.

This could become an ofx with a lot more features, but that would significantly bloat it and make it less simple to hack on. Furthermore, i think the code is more likely to sit within individual GUI ofx’s rather than in its own ofx.

Happy typing!