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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Take a quick 3D Scan of some stuff with ReconstructMe then projection map onto it with CalibrateProjector.

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Quiet but busy

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

At the kimchips’ HQ we’ve been working on a long term intensive project, quietly resulting in a backlog of useful code projects that need documenting. Here’s a list of some of what’s been released since we last talked:

  • VVVV.Nodes.Image [src] [alpha release] – nodes for threaded image processing in VVVV with support for OpenCV, OpenNI, FlyCapture (Point Grey), CLEye (PlayStation 3 Eye), FreeImage, DirectShow (via Theo Watson’s videoInput class). Along with preliminary support (to be completed in future) for MS Kinect SDK, RGBDToolkit, GStreamer.
  • ofxCvGui2 [src] – a more object oriented (internally) and more procedural (usage) and altogether cleaner (visually, usage and internal code) rewrite of ofxCvGui for CV like apps written in openFrameworks (more to come).
  • ofxGraycode [src] – a very easy to use implementation of graycode structured light in openFrameworks (no other addons / libs required).
  • ofxTSP [src] – solve the Travelling Salesman Problem and other route-finding tasks (currently using slow brute force methods, useful for <10 nodes, but can be expanded to more optimised methods).
  • VVVV.Externals.StartupControl [src] [release] – automate unattended startups in Windows (designed specifically for interactive installations).
  • VVVV.Nodes.TableBuffer [src] – spreadsheet-like functionality in VVVV for viewing, editing (user + patch), saving/loading/autosaving spread data.
  • VVVV.Nodes.GL [src] – test ground for OpenGL functionality within VVVV (renderer, some primitives and textures implemented).
  • ofxRay [src] – openFrameworks addon for ray mathematics, hit testing, triangulation, projector simulation.
  • ofxInteractiveNode [src] – ‘Unity-like’ editing of ofNode objects in openFrameworks during runtime (to be used in conjunction with ofxGrabCam).