Our main project for April and May was developing an installation for our friend David at Oxy-Gen Combustion. He wanted something that could act as a visual aid whilst attracting people to his exhibition stall.

We had to fit everything into an economy class suitcase. Fabrication and programming happened in Korea, fine tuning in England, then we squeezed the whole thing into our luggage for Rio De Janeiro to install at the exhibition.  Our flight arrived 2 days late into Rio, but thankfully David (the client) is an engineer and very handy.

We made some new projection routines for this system which we’ll be making open source soon (they’re as buggy as beehive right now). The system lets you calibrate the 6 slides in about 20minutes, with roughly +/-2px  accuracy. Calibration is controlled with the iPhone over the network using Memo‘s MSARemote which sends out TUIO (a standard protocol for multitouch). This means that the touch coordinates are sent over the network to the computer using a variation of OSC, and the ‘interface’ is running on the computer.

You can see me hooking up all the slides in this video..

It was Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum exhibition. Apparently ‘Bibendum’ is the white tire fella who is specifically NOT called the Michelin Man. The technology on show was very progressive, and Michelin were great hosts, keeping me happily fed all week. We even got time to squeeze in a bit of the local beauty before we left..

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