Journey London and Journey Seoul at Bains Numeriques

We were invited by Art Centre Nabi to exhibit at Bains Numeriques 20mins north of Paris in a small town called Enghien Les Bains. First of all, we have to give a huge thanks to some great people we met there (sorry to bore you!). Firstly, Hyein Ryu who arranged all our hospitality for us, she was fantastic. Emmanuel Cuisinier for mastering the dancefloor and keeping us in the loop. Christian the tech guy, for accomodating us without compromise. The ladies from Art Centre Nabi who were great to spend time with. Jeremy the king. And finally the chef at the restaurant (lunch and dinner never disappointed). Generally all the Centre Des Arts staff were great and we didn’t want to leave.

We exhibited two works in Paris, A Journey: London, and our new piece, A Journey: Seoul.

A Journey: Seoul explores how people can interact with the memory box, to build up their own memory. People can select slides to build up a scene, and we paint animations onto the slides using a projector from above. We got a great response from the project, and kids seemed to especially fall in love with this one.

Our venue was the church, which although not intentional, turned out to be a very good fit for the work. We got a very still environment with low natural lighting, and very ornate space. This particularly fitted with the aesthetics of A Journey: London which looks at using materials from the past to create new media experiences.

There were some great installation pieces there, our favorite of which was Lights Contact by Scenocosme. We found it very playful, immediate and surprising. There is a metal contact on a stand, you touch that (nothing happens). Then if somebody touches you, the installation reacts with light and sound that is unique depending on the people who are touching. It reacts with fidelity and ‘notices’ the contact between you and the other person with a way that appears very magical.

[Gregory Lassere of Scenocosme demonstrating the installation, and Emmanuel Cuisinier in the background]

We saw a performance by Cie Adrien Mie which blew most of the significant  nerves in our brain. We strongly recommend that you don’t watch the video below, and instead find a way to go and watch this performance. Absolutely incredible. Beautifully poetic and sensitive whilst pulling off some breathtaking live visual effects.

In summary: beautiful personalities, pretty town (but no internet), great food, good art and fantastic views from the hotel…

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