Kimchi and Chips code repository

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon here in Seoul, and I’m currently working on getting a code repository for Kimchi and Chips up and on the interwebs, so that we can start sharing our goodies. I’m looking at either github or google code.

Currently i’m importing our openFrameworks projects to

since XCode 3 supports SVN (but not git) natively. Supposedly XCode 4 is git friendly, but it’ll take a bit of time to move all the projects over to XCode 4 i’m sure.

Anyway. I’ll be putting our XCode and Visual Studio openFrameworks projects (osx,iphone,windows) up there. Along with any VVVV patches and plugins up there. It looks like github is going to be a much better option in the long run though because of its local repository copies (meaning we don’t need to rely on an internet connection all the time).

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