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A simple camera for openFrameworks I threw together in transit. Name suggestions welcome!

ofxGrabCam is a camera for browsing your 3D scene. It ‘picks’ the xyz position under the cursor (using the depth buffer to get Z).
Rotations and zoom (left and right mouse drag) are then performed with respect to that xyz position
Inspired by Google SketchUp

P.s. this is probably not much use for point clouds / other sparse datasets where there’s nothing to ‘grab’ onto.

Update: now if it doesn’t find anything under the cursor, it automatically spirals outwards until it does find something, so sparse objects / inaccurate clicks are now more workable.

Available on github at http://github.com/elliotwoods/ofxGrabCam

You should also check out https://github.com/Flightphase/ofxGameCamera by the ever obvious jim.

4 Responses to “ofxGrabCam”

  1. Kyle McDonald Says:

    this is awesome! i was just thinking yesterday we need a sketchup camera in OF :)

    what i really want is an osx-only gesture camera that can handle zoom with two fingers, *exactly* like skethcup. blender also has a nice two finger rotate metaphor.

  2. Kyle McDonald Says:

    i forgot to mention: one of the reasons a scroll interface works better than right-click-drag is that many users have right click drag disabled for various reasons. i just gave a workshop here in YCAM the other day and 0% of the attendees could right click drag. everyone had right click assigned to control click.

  3. elliot Says:

    aha thanks
    i wonder how clean it would be to require ofxMultitouch (cant remember the names of what would be required right now), especially considering the cross-platform implications.

    i presume ctrl+left click drag still works?

  4. elliot Says:

    also the first step must be to get scroll wheel working in openFrameworks.

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