VVVV + MapTools / projection mapping workshop at MadLab Manchester

September 12th, 2011

Come with us, and learn how to project onto buildings, branches and bullets.

We’ll be presenting and distributing some pre-release bits of MapTools, our open source projection mapping toolkit. Our aim is to revolutionise (rather than simply facilitate) projection mapping as a technique. The full toolset is open source and contains features that are not publicly available today:

  • MapTools-Remote: Remote control mapping for accurate and speedy mapping. Quicker and more accurate by a factor of 10x.
  • MapTools-Pade: True 3D geometry mapping (still distorting 2D shapes onto things? you’re missing out!). We present our own Padé system which produces the quickest and most accurate 3D projection calibration out of all tools available.
  • MapTools-SL : Advanced structured light techniques which we’ve been working on and had published for the last 2 years supporting true 3D scanning working with a range of cameras and operating systems.
The main part of the workshop will be covering VVVV essentials, and then move onto using MapTools on that platform.
Some details on MapTools are available on Create Digital Motion.
For more workshop details, check here

Super simple text input class for openFrameworks

September 12th, 2011

Last night I put together a simple example of text input for openFrameworks. It supports some basic features, but is missing things like mouse selection, clipboard.

It supports multiline or single line. (if there is no event listening to evtEnter, then it will act like a multiLine box. If there is an event listening to evtEnter, it will act as single line. evtEnter is there to trigger some action after the user completes input, e.g. saving with a filename).

Feel free to either use the simple ‘in app’ approach on the VerySimple branch, or the ‘in a separate class’ approach (akin to an ofx) in the master branch.

This could become an ofx with a lot more features, but that would significantly bloat it and make it less simple to hack on. Furthermore, i think the code is more likely to sit within individual GUI ofx’s rather than in its own ofx.

Happy typing!

Talks at Samsung Art and Design Institute

August 27th, 2011

This week, we also gave a talk to Samsung discussing Interaction Design and Design Process, which took a place in SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute). Our lecture was a part of a program aimed at inspiring people who don’t have design background through design process and various technologies.


VVVV * Mapping workshop at University of Seoul

August 26th, 2011

All this week we’ve been with a VVVV hungry bunch at University of Seoul(서울시립대학교). Minha Yang‘s talented art/design students came up with a range of challenging and intriguing ideas, and then patched them up in our favourite multipurpose toolkit VVVV.

After 4 days, the students were tracking motion, visualising sound, mapping onto 3D objects/architecture, creating multi-layered content, capturing video, and making complete interactive installations.

We were very much impressed with every student, and they all worked hard to absorb a range of patching concepts and styles. Awesome bunch. Watch out for them!


Drawing a line under 1st gen Kinect AR work

August 12th, 2011

Work by Microsoft Research Cambridge + others.
Kinect DSLAM, normal mapping, texture mapping, secene interaction, scene building + more
YouTube Preview Image

Link / TETEM User Generated Art, Grenswerk festival / Netherlands / September 24th – October 2nd

August 6th, 2011


We’re presenting new developments with our installation Link at TETEM : User Generated Art as part of Grenswerk arts festival in the Netherlands.

More details here


Interesting examples of projection mapping

August 6th, 2011

Here’s some genuinely decent pushes in the projection mapping field (amongst the recent swathes of mediocrity).


Florian Licht’s ‘fla flav’


And with a bit more ambiguity about whether its traditionally ‘projection mapping’

Peter Greenaway’s recent ‘Leonardo’s Last Supper : A Vision’

YouTube Preview Image

Projected onto a real painting, the light augments the content and geometry

We’re at Creators Project : Seoul 2011 / Platoon Kunsthalle / Sept 7-10th

August 6th, 2011

We’re presenting a new work at Creators Project in a couple of weeks time in Seoul (September 7th-10th).

It’s open in the daytime, and should be a pretty awesome party at night.

More details at their page


May 5th, 2011

Just a quick note to introduce ofxPolyfit. It’s an openFrameworks extension which allows you to correlate between any 2 numerical datasets of the same or different dimensionality. e.g. a stereo cam is 2x2D, and you want to get 3D, so you could use ofxPolyfit to create your 4D->3D correlation.

ofxPolyfit also encompasses Padé calibration for projection mapping, but this isn’t easily accessible as yet. I’m likely going to be working on this over the next couple of days.

Latest news is that I’ve added a simple RANSAC implementation which lets you filter out good data from poor datasets. This is to be used with our tree projection experiments to filter out bad voxels.

Also in the future I’ll be looking into making the code much more ‘chunky’ by identifying and classifying data sets, coefficient results, basis shapes, etc.

ofxPolyfit is available at http://code.kimchiandchips.com


Paul Bourke: Projecting onto flat / curvy things

April 20th, 2011

Quick link to some well presented knowledge from a clever research guy.