Another Moon main image
Photo by (c) Jochen Tack
NEWNOW Festival, Zollverein DE
Calibration, Code, Laser projectors, Microcontrollers, PV Solar Panels, Batteries, Wireless networking
Dimensions variable. Visible from up to 1km away
Duration each night is determined by the solar irradiance of the preceding day

Another Moon is a large-scale outdoor apparition that creates a technically sublime second moon in the sky. 40 towers collect the sun's energy during the day and project that light back into the sky at night, creating a second moon overhead where their beams tightly superimpose to create the three-dimensional form. The public artwork can be viewed up to 1km away, creating a focus to bring people back together in a post-corona era. It was developed over a 6 year period by the artist duo, and is the pinnacle of their 'Drawing in the Air' series of works.

The project was first presented in the industrial ruins of the Zeche Zollverein (historically the most productive coal mine in Europe). Each night the lasers turn off one by one as the sunshine on that particular day is depleted from their batteries. This mechanism replays the ephemeral energy of the day, unwinding our on-demand instinct for energy which became dominant during the era of fossil fuels.

The artists have frequently used the motif of the moon as a reflection of our physical reality. It is the only land that we can naturally see outside of our own habitat, and demonstrates the physicality of our planet Earth, as a spherical body traveling alone through space, awakening and disappearing as the sun's shadow is passed around it. By presenting an immaterial moon, the work monumentalises a merging of virtual and physical realities.

Lunar Surface, Light Barrier, Halo

<Lunar Surface 2014> <Light Barrier 2015> <Halo2018> 를 거치며 진화를 거듭한 김치앤칩스의 실험적 개념 “Drawing in the air” 가 2021년 9월 <Another Moon 또 다른 달> 에 도착했다.

실재 달 아래 그려진 또 다른 달, <Another Moon>은 실재 같은 가상과 사실 같은 허구를 모두 품고있다.

특수 제작된 40개의 레이저 프로젝터 모듈은 낮 동안 태양 에너지를 저장하며 밤을 준비한다. 태양 에너지로 충전된 레이저 모듈들은 일몰 후 밤하늘 한 지점으로 원뿔 형태의 레이저를 쏘아 올리고 허공에서 중첩된 40개의 레이저는 구 sphere 형태의 달을 묘사한다. 3차원의 구는 어느 지점에서 올려다봐도 동일한 형태의 달과 같다.

레이저 모듈은 흡수한 태양 에너지로 달을 그리다가 태양 에너지가 소진되는 깊은 새벽, 하나씩 자연스럽게 스스로 소등된다. 켰다 끄는 인위적 운영이 아닌 자연이 허락한 조건 안에서 스스로 떴다가 지기를 반복하는데, 흐리고 비온 날의 <또 다른 달>은 짧은 시간 하늘에 머물거나 아예 부재하기도 하다. 제어할 수 없는 자연에 순응적 태도로 협업하는 기술을 엿볼 수 있다.

First idea simulation over Seoul in Computer. 2016
How it works
Simulation over Tokyo in Computer (2017). Derived from a photograph by Moyan Brenn used under CC BY 2.0 with layers superimposed.

A single laser projector can render a cone of light in the sky. If these cones are aligned correctly, then the volume where they intersect will form a sphere. The light of the projectors becomes visible by scattering off of particles and humidity in the air.

정교한 칼리브레이션 기술로 허공에 그림을 그리기를 이어온 김치앤칩스는 2016년 [Another Moon]의 첫 스케치를 시작했다. 각기 다른 위치의 레이저 프로젝터에서 뿌려지는 원뿔(cone)형태의 빛줄기가 밤 하늘 한 지점에 정확히 중첩되면서 구(sphere) 형태의 달을 그리는데, 이를 바라보는 관객은 어느 시점에서도 똑같은 형태의 달을 보게된다.
Another Moon in the real world
[Another Moon] at NEWNOW Festival 2021. Zollerein Germany
Photo by (c) Jens Herre
The dimensions of the premiere edition at Zeche Zollverein, Essen, September 2021.
Laser projection module
The installation uses scanning mirror laser projectors. The artists have developed a new type of laser projector module in collaboration with LaserAnimation SOLLINGER who are the world leaders for accurate laser projection used in artistic contexts.
Solar panel and weatherproofing
Each laser projector is housed in a weatherproof enclosure that protects from wind, rain and heat, whilst managing power from the solar panels to take in energy during the day and release it through the laser back into the sky at night. The truss tower keeps the laser emissions at a safe height above audience’s eyes and elevates the solar panels above nearby shadows.
Module set on truss
Module sets on site

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