Link main image
Design Korea 2010, Seoul KR
Cardboard boxes, projection mapping
Dimensions variable
Link is an interactive installation where people can record their stories into a cityscape of cardboard boxes. Participants approach the kiosk to record a video of themselves which is stored and replayed through the sculpture.
TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede NL
File Festival, São Paulo BR
Link was created for Design Korea 2010 as an interpretation of 'Convergence', the theme of the exhibition. The artists present a convergence of complex, fast moving technologies from communication and visual computing with low, everyday materials.

Furthermore, the audience is requested to cross the boundary of roles within the exhibition by themselves being presented as the exhibition. By existing in the same space as the exhibition, the audience can understand that their existence within the design community can be flexible and cross-disciplinary.

As before, Kimchi and Chips look into ways that people can store their memories inside boxes, and what intuitive agency individuals can have with media technologies.
Athens Video Art Festival, Athens GR